Which Whitening Co Product should I choose?

We give you the choice of using our WHITE Pens or our WHITE Strips, it’s all down to personal preference. The strips are great for an easier and faster, on-the-go whitening experience, while the pen offers more precision for those hard-to-reach places. Our LED WHITE LIGHT speeds up the process of either, leaving you a whiter smile in as little as 25 minutes. You can find out more about each part by looking on our ‘Products’ page.

How quickly will I see results?

You usually will start to see results after your first use. The Whitening Co products take up to 14 days of consistent use before displaying the full whitening and brightening potential of our formula.

Is it safe?

Yes! The Whitening Co products are entirely safe to use and do not damage your enamel or cause harm to your teeth and gums.

Our products have been manufactured to FDA standards and are best used in defined amounts. Our WHITE pens are safer to use than competing whitening applicators, because they allow for precise operation, to avoid any sensitivity or gum irritation. Don’t overuse your whitening gel, less is best!

I have calcium spots/deposits- how do I treat these?

We recommend the first order of business is talking to a dental professional about strengthening your teeth, because this problem affects their structural integrity. Hypo-calcification may require fluoride treatments or cements/crowns to fix. In-clinic or at-home bleaching can work but only for milder cases, and while The Whitening Co products will not worsen or harm your calcium spots, they may appear brighter after use, so make sure to also use a toothpaste that helps replenish calcium.

Should I brush my teeth before or after I use Whitening CO products?
You can brush your teeth before and/or after using Whitening Co products, without any delay or wait-times. We recommend that you upkeep regular teeth-brushing whilst using Whitening Co products. The preferred time to brush would be before use, as this will clear away any food or bacteria from your teeth that may get in the way of the best whitening results.

How long should I wait to eat or drink after use?

While you are not strictly limited to avoid food or drink before or after use, we recommend that within 2 hours after use, you avoid any highly-acidic food or drinks, or anything prone to staining your teeth such as red wine, coffee, darkly coloured juices or sauces, ice blocks or berries. This is to ensure that you experience the absolute potential of your Whitening Co products.

How do I use The WHITE Light?

Our WHITE Light uses premium LED’s and hardware-programmed timers to help you smile with confidence even more briskly than before. Click here to view our how-to video.

How does The WHITE Light work?

Here's how it works:
Our gels and strips contain Hydrogen Peroxide, which in order to maximise its whitening effect, requires high powered LED lights.

In order for our premium LEDs to draw enough power, the light must be connected to a high powered device, such as a smartphone, computer or wall socket.

Our White Light LED's then activate the formula.

Our formula absorbs and travels through the enamel of your tooth whitening on its way (short term whitening).

Given 25 minutes, our activated formula should have reached the Dentin of your teeth (long term whitening).

The result, a long term, brighter, whiter smile.

To clarify:
The Dentin is the actual ‘tooth-bone’ that gives your teeth their natural white-ivory colour
The Enamel is a clear, ‘glass-like’ protein layer’ that ‘clothes’ the tooth Dentin.

Does this work on veneers?

Although our White Kit does not whiten teeth with veneers as efficiently, you can use our products to whiten your natural tooth to achieve your desired coloured match.