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New Zealand's teeth whitening specialists

Whether you prefer maintenance in the comfort of your home, or our relaxing professional teeth whitening experience in studio, we're here to help you smile with confidence. 

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Teeth whitening NZ


Teeth whitening NZ

“Combining a reductive design approach with leading-edge whitening technology, The Whitening Co offers a premium teeth whitening experience, unparalleled to anything I’ve tried before.”

Tony Collins

Teeth whitening NZ

“Would 100% recommend the White kit, product lasts really well and have seen some great results in the short amount of time I’ve been using it! Definitely going to be sticking with this product.”

Oliver Tyack

Teeth whitening NZ

“It only takes around 20 minutes twice a week and I read or stretch while it does its thing! The easiest part? It plugs into my phone so it's portable and convenient!”

Shannon Porter

Teeth whitening NZ

“I've used a few teeth whitening kits in the past and I was never satisfied- that is, until I was introduced to The Whitening Co White Kit - there was a difference in my teeth straight away, and many people have commented on how white my teeth are looking! I would not trust any other brand!”

Olivia Brown

Teeth whitening NZ

“I struggle to find teeth whitening products as my teeth are super sensitive, but after using the whitening strips my teeth actually felt fine and were whiter than ever! Highly recommend!”

Josh Williams

Teeth whitening NZ

“Unsure who loves my The Whitening Co kit more... Me for obvious reasons or everyone else because I can't talk for 25 minutes?”

Devaney Davis

Smile with confidence

you’re never fully dressed without a bright, white smile. smile bright with the whitening co in-studio or at home professional teeth whitening.

With our effective products, affordable services and proven results, we provide an unrivalled whitening experience every time.

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Teeth Whitening NZ

trust the whitening co.

If you enjoy a cheeky glass of red wine or a morning coffee, The Whitening Co. will be your new best friend.

Prolonged consumption of coloured drinks and foods over time will stain your teeth, resulting in stains that seem impossible to remove. Our products active ingredients work into the deeper layer of your teeth, targeting those hard to remove stains whilst strengthening the enamel. 

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Teeth Whitening NZ

a healthy, white smile

The Whitening Co. at home and in-studio products contain an active ingredient called hydrogen peroxide. This is a common, safe and effective treatment for whitening natural teeth.

Whitening can often be associated with temporary tooth sensitivity, but we know the tips and tricks to avoid this. Our products are dental grade, FDA approved and 100% safe to use. 

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Teeth Whitening NZ

the whitening co studio

visit our studio to get your teeth whitened by a professional

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Teeth Whitening NZ

teeth whitening kit - nz’s best value for money teeth whitening product.

teeth whitening at the highest level. our white kit offers all the best parts of professional teeth whitening, at home, while taking an environmentally-led, sustainable approach.

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