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The Deluxe Package


75 minutes

Our Gold Standard treatment! 1 x The Confidence Package, 75 minute in studio whitening session + 1 x our best selling "The Essentials" whitening kit to maintain your results from home. Check this for pearly pearly whites and save $59 off RRP.

The Confidence Package


75 minutes

If you’re new to professional teeth whitening, this package is for you. The Confidence Package is designed to maximise immediate results, including two formula applications in one sitting for one person.

The Touch Up Package


45 minutes

If you’re looking to maintain a bright white smile, The Touch Up package is for you. A single application, 45 minute whiten for one person.

The Package Deal


75 minutes + 45 minutes

Combine the Confidence package and the Touch Up package and you’ve got yourself a Package Deal. Perfect for those who have never whitened, who would like to achieve maximum results in a short period of time. A 1 hour 15 minute whiten for your first appointment, followed by a 45 minute whiten booked in for a later date, a total of three formula applications. Save yourself $79 with the Package Deal

The Double Deal (2 people)


90 minutes

Make it a date with The Double Deal. All the specs of The Confidence Package X2. Two whitening applications for two people in an appointment which lasts 90 minutes. Share the experience for just $199.50 each.

The Wedding Package (min 4 people)



Perfect for those preparing for the big day. Book out the studio for a few hours, enjoy some champagne, and treat yourself and your bridal party to an hour whiten each. Bookings to be made in advance via email.