E-Brush by TWC

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Introducing the newest (& sexiest?) product to our lineup,

The E-Brush by TWC. ✨ 

It's no longer a 'chore' or a 'have to'... it's now a luxury self-care opportunity. Right?? Just 2mins each morning and night spent with the E-Brush will quite literally make you a better human.

Ok Ok, Now that you are already sold, let's get into why it's actually a superior toothbrush...

Soft luxurious matte finish

3x Brush modes - Clean - White - Polish

2 Min built-in timer (signals you at 30sec marks to switch area of mouth)

2+ months battery life from a single charge (Battery life varies on the number of users)

Wireless charging system

Vegan Leather travel case

2 Black E-Brush Heads (White E-Brush heads sold separately)


We cannot wait for you to think of us every time we are in your mouth.

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