Laser LED Teeth Whitening - Our White Light difference

Laser LED Teeth Whitening - Our White Light difference

The brightest at home laser LED on the market.

Our White Light uses premium LED’s and programmed timers, speeding up the process of whitening to just 25 minutes while ensuring maximum whitening formula activation.

Here's how it works:

  • Our gels and strips contain Hydrogen Peroxide, which in order to maximise its whitening effect, requires high powered LED lights. 
  • In order for our premium LEDs to draw enough power, the light must be connected to a high powered device, such as a smartphone, computer or wall socket.
  • Our White Light LED's then activate the formula.
  • Our formula absorbs and travels through the enamel of your tooth whitening on its way (short term whitening).
  • Given 25 minutes, our activated formula should have reached the Dentin of your teeth (long term whitening).
  • The result, a long term, brighter, whiter smile.

Best Use

Step 1: Brush and dry teeth before use.


Step 2: Ensure your light is plugged in and nearby, ready to turn on.

Step 3: Twist the dial on the pen until the brush 'bubbles' with formula.
Step 4: Apply to each tooth, more formula can be applied to areas which need more attention.

Step 5: Insert mouthpiece and switch on White Light, your light will turn off automatically after 25 minutes.


Step 6: Take your mouthpiece (out over a sink!).
Stp 7: SMILE knowing 10% of profits are donated to Fiji Medical & Dental Foundation.


Supporting info


About Teeth:
The Dentin is the actual ‘tooth-bone’ that gives your teeth their natural white-ivory colour.
The Enamel is a clear, ‘glass-like’ protein layer’ that ‘clothes’ the tooth Dentin.


About Light Activation:
Our whitening gel becomes ‘photo-excited’ by the radiance emitted by the White Light, delivering 480-520 nanometres in wavelength at a luminance of up to 300,000lx. This is the key to our effective whitening system.


Our concept:

Teeth Whitening Company in Auckland, New Zealand

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