After Care

Learn how to properly care for your newly whitened teeth with our comprehensive guide. From eating habits to oral hygiene, we've got you covered. Keep your smile sparkling with our whitening after care tips.

The first 48 hours following your whiten are important in maximising your results. To help you keep your smile brighter than ever, we've put together a few tips!

- It's best to avoid anything that could re-stain your teeth. This includes red wine, coffee, tea, tobacco, and any heavily coloured foods/drinks.

- Avoid extremely hot or cold liquids, as well as anything acidic that could cause sensitivity

- It's normal for some people to experience temporary sensitivity after whitening. We provide formulated desensitising gel in your after-care kit just for this. To apply, simply rub a small amount of gel onto teeth that are experiencing sensitivity then leave for up to 45 minutes. Repeat as necessary.

- Continue a good oral hygiene routine. Brush twice a day with sensitive toothpaste will also help with sensitivity.

- Maintain your white smile with one of our take-home kits, or come see us in the studio for a touch-up in 3-6 months' time. Kits can be purchased in-store or online at

We hope to see you again soon.
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